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Dear Fellow Professors, Colleagues, and Students,

The main function of a university library is to support the teaching, learning, and research in the university. Therefore, a university library must conserve knowledge, provide books, databases, or other resources to assist in all the teaching, learning, and research activities. Furthermore, in order to meet the new demand of readers in this new age, a university library should develop innovative services and design some promotion activities to promote its new services. Allan M. Carter said, "The library is the heart of a university", illustrating how a university library acts like a heart of human body to transport the necessary blood and nutrients to all other parts of the university.

Last year, in order to satisfy the expectation of the new age readers, some old services are improved and polished, and some new innovative services are designed and implemented by all the hard working librarians. For example, the upgraded online book reservation service, the new e-book reader (iPad2) lending service, the publishing of iOS APP and Android APP to Apple's APP Store and Google's Google Play, respectively, and the series of innovative activities for freshmen, ... etc., all these services are very popular and have positive evaluation. In the future, since there will be many constant changes in the services of our library, we think it is necessary for us to publish a digital, well-organized newsletter to help our readers to know and use the resources and services provided in our library. This digital well-organized newsletter will be called "e-paper".

The first issue of e-paper will be announced in September 2012. With four issues in each semester, eight issues will be published in every year. In addition to introduce the newest and hottest resources, the featured innovative services, and all the promotion activities, the e-paper will also release some "special exhibitions", "exclusive interviews", "special topics", and "special columns" from time to time. Please wait and see.

To download the e-papers, please click here.

Jen-Chun Chang,
August 31, 2012
Professor and Director of Library
National Taipei University

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