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Why journals and collections of the library are unavailable for letting-out?

Post Date:2015-04-17

1.The difference between journals and books Books are individual or series ones, and each of them has different themes. Journals are serially correlated. Both the connection of the contents and the coherence of the themes are mutually related. Books may have the second and third edition after being published, while journals are rarely republished.


2. The integrity of journal collections The reference will be less valuable if the journals are not integrated. Moreover, it is very difficult to supply the deficiency of the journals, and they are very hard to buy again either. If the journals are lost during letting-out, it is not only difficult to negotiate the compensation, but also an interruption of the continuity of the journals and deeply effects its integrity.

3.The justice of reading Readers will not be able to check a certain journal before someone return it. If we allow the journals to be lent for several days, it will certainly become an inconvenience of other readers. We should consider the reading justice of both high-flux-rate leisure journal and research-used academic journal readers.

4. The originality of the journal collections Most of the time, journals feature the most popular issues or the latest discovery. If journals are available for letting-out like books, only the first several readers may acquire the latest information. For other readers, the journals may had already lost their originality when they are returned, which seriously impact the value of reference. In order to maintain the integrity and continuity of the journal collections and protect the right of the readers, we provide the readers with the convenience of making copies inside the library to satisfy the demands of our journals and collections.

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