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Department Responsibilities

Acquisition & Cataloging Section

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Collecting and Cataloging of Paper books, e-books, audio-visual materials
    • Loaning books
    • Control of copying library collection items
    • Use and control of library equipment fee
    • Plan book purchases、file orders、acceptance of books、archiving and write offs.
    • Book processing
    • Classification and cataloging
    • Processing before circulation
    • Maintenance of bibliographic book ordering
  2. Statistics of book purchases and donations
  3. Statistics of book property classification
  4. Software maintenance and management of the library automatic system
  5. Reaction testing of the application software of the cataloging department
  6. Maintaining the cataloging information on the library website
  7. Responding to readers that consult the cataloguing department for information
  8. Management of the property of cataloging department

Project Business

  1. Execute the Ministry of Education, National Science Council and other off-campus projects and textbook grants
  2. Execute the related matters between the library and the OCLC management team.
  3. Execute the related matters between the library and the Digital Dissertation Consortium


General Responsibilities:

  1. New book acquisition, book transfers to collection dept., shelf display, shelving books
  2. New Books bulletin board, new book museums
  3. Library card application, loan, hold, renewal, transfer, return books (box), missing books, lost book payments at the circulation desk
  4. Book returns at two campuses, Fixing library delivery services
  5. Collecting overdue books and fines and lost book payment
  6. Management of the book drop box
  7. Using manual book borrowing and returning during offline times
  8. Issuing and production of library cards
  9. Establishing and maintaining reader files (converting, setting up, modify, deleting)
  10. Leaving the school and position procedures
  11. Maintaining the library collection files
  12. Management and maintenance of the distribution system
  13. Book repairs
  14. Book recall
  15. Reading services
  16. Management of the flow of part-time workers
  17. Circulation Q&A services
  18. Books that readers check out are sent to individual mailboxes
  19. Management of the study rooms
  20. Management and signing contract of the library card (free self checkout and return)
  21. Management and maintenance of the library security system and access door
  22. Management of the property and inventory management
  23. Equipment maintenance of lamps, fire, water and electricity, air conditioning, and furniture
  24. Book inventory and reimbursement
  25. Filing of stack and old books
  26. Provide liquidity information services
  27. Modification of any library laws and regulations

Project Business

The Ministry of Education executed a project plan: resource services and library book checkout and returning between at all Northern Taiwan Resource Platform Libraries.
Reference & Extension Services Section

Description of General Services

  1. Management of library periodicals
  2. Managing and Purchasing library databases
  3. Management of NTPU paper and electronic thesis
  4. Management of library reference materials
  5. Library database server maintance and stationed agent management
  6. Library guiding tours
  7. NTPU Historical Gallery administrations
  8. Management of library exhibition area and activities
  9. Management of Library learning resources lab.
  10. Library promotion activities
  11. Management of student part-time job and volunteer workers
  12. Management of division properties and articles
  13. Executing temporary assignments

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