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National Taipei University Library Volunteer Recruitment and Service Approach
A. National Taipei University library (hereafter referred to as ‘The Library’) is recruiting NTPU student volunteers over the age of 15, people in the working class, social community, or retired workers to voluntary participate in library services and grow from these learning experiences.
B. NTPU student volunteers that are interested will have the status of student volunteers. Other volunteers will be considered general volunteers.
C. The library’s volunteer registration form, contact details, and other details relating to the process will be in a separate brochure announcement.
D. Library volunteers are unpaid.
E. The work performed by library volunteers will be based on the “Volunteer Service Demand Application Form” filled out by the different departments in the Library. We will also consider the experiences of the volunteer and assign them in the appropriate department.
F. Library Volunteers
1. Student volunteers need to have parental consent with a signed form including contact information.
2. Student volunteers must volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours each month and more than 15 hours in total.
3. General volunteers must volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours each month and more than 48 hours in total.
4. Library volunteers must attend a training session provided by the library prior to volunteer service.
5. While volunteering, please wear your volunteer badge, volunteer vest, and be on time for your assigned shift. Please remember to sign in and out.
6. If you are unable to show up for your shift, you must take absence in advance and notify the library.
7. For some reason you cannot continue volunteering at the library, please remember to hand in your volunteer badge and return the volunteer vest.
8. While volunteering, please remember to respect library rules and provisions. If there is any breach of library regulations or any behavior that will affect the library’s reputation, the library may revoke your volunteer status.
G. Benefits from volunteering at the library
1. Library volunteers will be allowed to enter the library during opening hours and have free access to the library’s resources.
2. Library volunteers will have priority to participate in the library’s education and training courses and outreach activities
3. The library will set up a reward system in recognition of excellent services.
4. After completing the library’s volunteer training and demonstrating excellent performance, the library will issue you the New Taipei City Bureau of Social Affairs “Volunteer Hours Certificate”.
H. The above provisions are passed by the Library Affairs Conference and are implemented and revised.
I. Attachments:
1. National Taipei University Volunteer Recruitment and Information 
2. Library Volunteer Information and registration form 
3. National Taipei University Volunteer Recruitment and Information 
4. Library Volunteer Information and registration form 

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