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Book Recommendation

  1. I.The ways to recommend the purchase:
    1. Recommend books through the library website
      1. Staff at NTPU could recommend books through the following procedure : NTPU Library website→ Services→Purchase Recommendation System
      2. For username and password, please see the school’s administrative system. Readers can use the library purchase recommendation system to check the verification process of your recommendations. Once the recommended books have been verified, you can search them on Library Catalog.
      3. Teachers also could provide the digital file with publication details (title, author, and ISBN) of the recommended books and email to We will convert the file to the format to be deal with Purchase Recommendation System, and forward to the faculties to verify.
    2. Authorization of recommended books
      1. Chinese Academics, Foreign works, course materials, and urgent requests will be purchased after the approval from the faculties.
      2. 5% of the library budget will be used to purchase “General Chinese Books”. According to the “The Principle of Readers’ Purchase Verification”, each person is allowed to recommend 10 types of Chinese book per month. As to the controversial recommended books, the “Purchase Recommendation Verification Group” will discuss whether the books are appropriate.
  2. II.Book/Digital Theses & Dissertation (PQTD) Recommendation
    Since 2003, the library has been a member of the Digital Dissertations Consortium. Every year, members need to purchase at least a minimum number of quantity (agreed by the consortium), and would be able to receive the full PDF file of the theses or dissertation, which are purchased by all the members. If you want to access and recommend PQTD Theses & Dissertation,please visit the following website: Digital Dissertations Consortium Website.
  3. III.The Purchase process must follow “Government Purchasing Act”, and auditing is required in the process. Since the process is hard to control, it is difficult to meet every reader’s expectations. However, the library will try to shorten the purchasing and the cataloging process and have the book on shelves as soon as possible.

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