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Term of User Agreement

Dear Patrons,
We would like to let you understand the rules for reading and borrowing books and be sure that your personal contact information is correct. We hope to ensure that you can receive our e-mails (such as due, overdue, and appointed book arrival notifications) as scheduled. As a result, please sign “the statement of patrons’ privileges.” After finishing signing, please check your e-mail to confirm so that you can start using the library and the library online databases.
To protect your rights, please make sure that you have read the following information: “rules for borrowing and returning,” “rules for reading,” and “rules for e-book borrowing and returning” etc.
Please also make sure that the e-mail address you filled out is available.
Please note that all e-mail notifications are only as reminders. If you get suspension of usage right or get fined, failed to receive e-mails is not accepted as excuses. If the book you borrowed is appointed by others, the period of borrowing will be shortened, but you can surely borrow the book for 14 days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the circulation desk or via email at


User ID


  1. For students please key in your student ID number; for faculty members please key in your faculty ID number. (There are eight digits in total. If your ID number is less than eight digits please key in zeros at the beginning to make it eight digits.) For alumni and part time professors, please key in your ID card number.
  2. If you have an alumni card, please key in the first 10 digits on your card e.g. ALUM970001. For visitors please key in your card number. For credit trainees please key in your student ID number.



  1. After the 93th school year, the password is the last four digits of your ID card number or your ID card number.
  2. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask librarians for help.


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